My name is Nacho Munárriz, born in Zaragoza (Spain), where I studied at the University of Superior Studies in Graphic Design during 2005-2009.

Currently based in Edinburgh, where I continue my career as an independent artist with my wee company Garabart. Graphic design gave me the key to understand digital techniques, but since I was a child my real passion has been to draw.

After years of practice in digital illustration, I am confident in certain styles, depending on the moment and which scene I want to represent. However, recently I have found my artwork to be heavily influenced by scottish culture.

You could find some of my prints in art shops such as (EdinburghArts, FlamingoSaurusRex, An Independent Zebra, The Cats Miaou…)

If you would like to sell my products in your shop, contact me. I will get in touch as soon as possible.