Hey, welcome to Garabart!
This is the official website and the online shop of art based in Edinburgh (UK). The independent artist and designer behind this brand is Nacho Munarriz. “After a career over ten years as creative and designer, I moved to Edinburgh in 2017 where I started to create some digital illustrations inspired in this city. In 2018, I looked for a good name with the idea of a brand with my prints“. I founded Garabart alone, drawing and working every day to have my own shop, always following my dream to become an illustrator. Currently, I am selling my art on this website and in some famous art shops of Scotland a large variety of products created by myself such as prints, notebooks, greeting cards, coasters, magnets, tote bags…with all my original illustrations. Very influenced by Scottish culture, is one of the reasons why I love this magical city. I have participated in some art fairs and markets in Scotland from 2019. I also supply my wee brand to several shops and I am very grateful for seeing how an idea is becoming something really special for me.

At the end, I would like to say thanks if you have bought some of my prints or other products anytime. It is so important for me to say, when you are buying an original product in Garabart.com, you are directly supporting me to continue drawing and creating more illustrations, so many thanks if you get them. If you are looking for a gift, a souvenir, an original print for your local or house, I work only with best materials and quality and I send personally every order for you.

Do you have any question? Please, get in touch in Contact section.