Terms and conditions in Garabart.com

Thank you for your interest in our products. Bellow are indicated the terms and conditions apply to your purchase, in order to you know your rights and that, if you have any questions, feel free to contact with us.

Intelectual property

  • All personal data we provide through this site as well as forms, will be treated of confidence. your personal data will be used in order to manage your orders or meet queries that do.
  • All contents of the website and trade names, are protected by law.
  • Any form of explotation, of all or part of the contents of this Web site constitutes a violation of the intellectual property rights.
  • Garabart not grant any license or authorization personal use of any image or text that appears on your Web. in that case, it will take legal measures that are appropriate.
  • The website and all contents are the property of Garabart, and are protected by law intellectual property. That means that trademarks, the company names, product names, images and graphics, design, the presentation and product information, services and other content may not be copied or use without our prior written consent.

Data protection

  • All your personal details (name, address, data credit card, address PayPal and email). are processed through a secure protocol and are used only to sending product.
  • Formalization of your order means you accept the terms of purchase.

Legal notice

  1. https://www.garabart.com is a domain registered by Ignacio Munárriz Martínez, onwards  (Garabart).
  2. Legal information
    • Email: info@garabart.com
  3. Corporate responsability

GARABART will not be responsible for mistakes in the access to the website or in its contents.

GARABART reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without notice, accessibility of the website for eventual need to make maintenance, repair, update or improve the same.


When receive an order confirmation of our part, you accept your purchase order and will be held a purchase agreement. Please, save your order confirmation for any future contact with us. There are several reasons why we can deny orderpurchase, for example, if you provide personal information incorrect and /or has a history of debt unpaid.

You can cancel your order until you have confirmation, in that case, we will refund any payment or company station your credit have made by the order.

We can cancel an order if deplete products requested. In that case, we will refund any amount you have paid and notify you if there is available equivalent products.

All products requested remain of our property until we have send in full.

Customer information

It is your responsibility give us personal data correct and complete.

They are your responsability that in all orders that you do with your login, the information is correct.

If you suspect that unauthorised person has signed with your data login, tell us.

Prices, rates.

Prices indicated on the website, are in the currency established on the website and include the taxes of the country issue. Prices do not include shipping or payment fees, which are paid separately. Please note that you can also apply local rates (such as currency conversion fees, credit card or bank fees, sales taxes, fees, etc.) depending on your place of residence and local regulations. These fees will be at your expense and we will not reimburse you.

Shipping and delivery

Normally, the products in stock are delivered within the number of days indicated on the website. The expected delivery date for an order is indicated in the order confirmation. In case of delay in delivery, we will inform you and continue to monitor the order. You can cancel the order if a delivery is delayed more than 30 days and that delay is not your responsibility.

Changes in the general conditions

We can modify these General Conditions at any time. In this case, we will publish the modified General Conditions on the website, and will enter into force when you have accepted them (in relation to a new order made through the website or while browsing the website).

Aplicable law and dispute resolution

In the event of a dispute, we will endeavor to comply with any decision of the relevant national consumer protection authorities.

Any dispute regarding the interpretation or application of these General Conditions will be governed and construed in accordance with the legislation of the country or state in which we carry out our activities and will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the court of our place of incorporation. The term “non-exclusive jurisdiction” refers to your right to file a claim against us in another jurisdiction if required by applicable law.